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 New road from old in M74 project

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PostSubject: New road from old in M74 project   6/28/2011, 1:39 pm

New road from old in M74 project

Part of the old carriageway of the M74 has been recycled and used on the final section of the new motorway.

The M74 completion project which will link the route with the M8, west of the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, is under way.

Aggregate dug up during resurfacing work at Lesmahagow in 2008 is being used in one of the new embankments.

Material has also been recycled from demolished flats in the Gorbals and the former Hoover factory in Cambuslang.

Almost 40,000 tonnes of aggregate stored away after the resurfacing work on the existing M74 in 2008 have been imported and are aiding the settlement of an embankment at the Farmeloan Road Underbridge in Rutherglen.

We have been able to use these significant quantities of recycled aggregates in the construction of the new section of motorway
David Welsh
Transport Scotland

The aggregate will later be used as permanent fill material.

Transport Scotland has been working in conjunction with NISP Scotland, which is funded by the Scottish government to facilitate recovery, reuse and reprocessing of materials between companies.

NISP also identified 25,000 tonnes of clay produced by excavation works at Cambuslang Investment Park.

This will also be used as fill material in the construction of the new motorway.

Transport Scotland said its most recent recycling initiatives would lead to a CO2 reduction of 118,000 tonnes - the daily output of 113,000 people, almost double the populations of Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Natural resources

Stewart Stevenson, minister for transport, environment and sustainable growth, said: "Recycling measures within the M74 Completion project are a demonstration of the ways in which road building projects can be made more sustainable.

"The M74 Completion project supports our purpose of sustainable economic growth and it is being built in ways which also respect our environment and natural resources."

Project director David Welsh added: "Through excellent working practices and understanding of the natural and built environments we have been able to use these significant quantities of recycled aggregates in the construction of the new section of motorway.

"This achievement involves everyone on the project from the client, designers and planners, to those at the workface as well as suppliers and subcontractors."

By the time the five-mile motorway extension project is completed in 2011, more than 500,000 tonnes of aggregate will have been recycled.

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New road from old in M74 project
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